About Us

TechPoli Films Ltd. is world class manufacturer of Surface Protection Films (SPF) having the state of the art manufacturing plant in Silvassa, India.

Pioneering new development and innovations, TechPoli brings to India German technology and reliability. TechPoli’s experienced team has expertise in delivering top quality products and brings excellent relationships with leading customers. Every film application is an individual solution customized for the user.

We are the fastest growing company in the manufacturing of Surface Protection films in India. Born out of the need to simplify the search for all industries where films play a part in any form. From automobile to agriculture, from food to construction, from packaging to waste management we are always up to the latest technological level for them. Our customers benefit from state of the art technologies for production, coating, converting and recycling of polyethylene in India. We hereby focus on innovations and efficiency – in order to be able to manufacture even better products even more efficiently for our customers. Because we produce and operate on site, we also know the special requirements in the respective market particularly well – and are therefore able to serve our customers accordingly.

Techpoli employs technologists and chemists in own laboratory facilities at all locations in the sector research and development. Innovations are centrally coordinated via a group platform, however, they are implemented decentralised in close cooperation. The growing number of patents emphasises the success of this future-oriented corporate orientation. We furthermore work closely with universities and research institutes, particularly in fundamental research.

We train in various technical and commercial occupations – last but not least because we know best what our employees must be capable of in order for us to continually grow over the next coming years. Because that is precisely our goal. Until today, we are controlling our growth under own steam. For this reason we keep investing largely in the technological equipment of our productions and in our presence in new markets, as well as qualifying our employees.

We concentrate on our core competence.

Also in future we shall only be active in market sectors in which we shape and advance the developments. Because that is the only place we are able to move something. For the same reason we delegate as much responsibility as possible to the countries. Our people on site know best what our customers on site need and want. This strategy has a positive effect on our customers worldwide – because we gain access to an extremely broad spectrum of experience and products and are able to thus develop the next leading film solutions.
Excellence in films, quality awareness and commitment for our customers through individual solutions have a longstanding tradition at Techpoli. Decades of customer relationships and continued positive corporate development are living proof.


Mission is to help you preserve the value of your products by offering you a simple and easy solution to protect the quality of your surfaces from damage which can occur during the different stages of the manufacturing, storage and transport processes. Surface Protection products will reduce your quality costs linked to damaged goods and improve your brand image.

Starting with the great employee loyalty through to the strategic alignment of our research and development work, we are always very close to our customers and their requirements. We supply our customers with individual solutions for every conceivable film application – either from our broad product range or as a tailor-made development.

What Techpoli offers as the preferred supplier of Surface Protection Films and Coated Papers….

  • Fully integrated manufacturer with capabilities including adhesive coating, extrusion, custom finishing- including perforating, printing and more.
  • Broadest product selection in the industry with global availability including Coextruded films, Coated Paper and Coated films featuring a wide array of adhesive systems, thicknesses and colors.
  • A focus on innovation provides for value engineered solutions.


Providing simple solutions to protect the quality of your surface

Reducing the costs incurred because of damaged goods

Protecting & improving your brand image

Continue to set the industry standard for reliable & responsive service.